MEPS offers powerful tools to improve productivity within manufacturing processes through the following modules:

  • Production Planning. Includes basic PO functionality for handling sales orders and provide relevant data to Production Planning – planning and executing routes and operations
  • Production Scheduling. Gantt chart scheduling functionality, job management and detailed production scheduling
  • Production Tracking. Provides real-time information of the work centers used, queue time, setup time, and run time required for each operation. Keeps track of each job progress.
  • Job Traveler and Scheduling Module provide the production planning team with the information necessary to manage the planning and scheduling process


  • Automatically closes work orders on shipment
  • Generates purchase order based on shortage or forecast
  • Supports multiple reporting calendars for time-phased requirements
  • Creates PO easier and produces work orders that include order quantities, supplier values and lead time


  • Minimizes lead times and satisfies customer demand with flexible scheduling options
  • Allows for multilevel bill of materials
  • Allows global change/delete on BOM components
  • Controls the utilization of manufacturing resources for optimum performance
  • Tracks production progress and easily makes changes to increase production efficiency and reduce costs
  • Helps in reducing capital expenses and inferior products
  • Enables prompt production process upgrade