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PoS Integra

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POS integra

POS Integra is a POS application that let users analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items in the shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly. It also maintains a sales history to help adjust buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends. This software improves pricing accuracy by integrating barcode scanners with the POS system.

Integration with back-end SAP applications

The client application is connected to the back office, and update and retrieve data from that.
Updating the data in a regular interval is also possible where connectivity is an issue.
Additional features as per the customer need can be also included. Application design is modular and customizable as per the client need.
Our rich experience in software design and understanding of the customer need based on our existing client needs is an advantage in delivering the POS solution as a tailor-made solution for any new customer from any segment.


  • User Authentication
  • Staff Details
  • Payment Mode
  • Customer Details
  • Item Maintenance
  • Discount Details
  • Missing Items
  • Supplier Information
  • Tax Invoice
  • Speedy Product Lookup
  • Extra Discount
  • Suspend Sale
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Updating Product Information
  • View Tax Invoice
  • Void Invoice
  • Article Query
  • Exchange Details
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Collection Summary Report

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